Nissan Versa Fuel Cover



My brand new Nissan Versa has already broke (I think). The release lever for the fuel cover doesn’t work. It’s like the cable has snapped or become unattached. Unfortunately, I cannot open the fuel cover to put in gas so I can drive it to the dealership and get it replaced. Does anyone know how to open a Nissan fuel cover from the outside?


I don’t know, but it may be in your owner’s manual and the Dealer should be able to help you by providing the information, or I suspect that under these conditions a tow would be covered under the warranty.


Call Nissan dealer. The likely case is that they will cover the tow the same as if the engine stopped working which will be your case some point in the drive.


You may be able to access the mechanism from inside the trunk. I haven’t examined a Versa yet. Peel back the carpeting and take a look.


Yeah, there should be something for you to pull on to release the fuel door.
Also, if you’re in the habit of waiting till the last minute to fill up, this is a good reason to stop that habit.