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Nissan Versa 2009 - AC not blowing

I am hoping the forum can help me out. For a few months, when the AC is running for a little while, it would hum loudly. If I turned the AC off, after a few minutes, it would stop. When I turned it back on, a few minutes after running again, it would start that loud humming again.
While driving down the freeway this evening, my AC stopped blowing. When the car is in idle and the AC is turned on, you can hear something trying to “run”, but no air comes out. Any ideas what this could be? Thanks! It’s impossible to live in South Texas without a working AC in your car.

I know they has cars in south Texas for 50 years before they had cars with a/c .

It sounds to me from what you say about the problem that the blower motor has problem.

Seems to be a problem with these blowers

Agree, blower motor.

oldtimer 11, those cars had much better ventilation back then, and when you turned off the heater, it didn’t continue to circulate hot coolant under the dash. Todays cars need the AC on anytime the outside temp is over 60 degrees and the sun is shining.