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Honda Accord AC

Roughly 2 hours into a long trip on a very hot day, our 2009 Honda Accord air conditioning will go from blowing nice cold air to just blowing not at all cool air. Normally the air is cranked to the coldest setting and not blowing on full blast. Both times we have stopped and left the car off for about 30 minutes and come back and all is well (cold air blows again).

Anyone have an idea what is happening?

Have you tried just turning off the a/c but leaving the fan blowing? If it clears up after a while it could be your evaporator is icing up, possibly caused by a slow condensation drain.

Also try using a higher blower speed and tempering the air> the same thing happened with our house AC because when we had the blower replaced it was replaced with one that didn’t have enough CFM capacity.

I, too, like the evaporator icing theory. If ice forms in the evaporator it blocks the passage of air and it feels like the AC stopped working.

Very odd for this to be happening in such a new vehicle, however.

Was it especially humid? Did you have the AC controls set to “fresh air” or “recirculate?”

We are in Nashville, TN and it has happened twice…once right outside of Atlanta and once outside of Memphis so it was humid.

Low freon can cause the evaporator to ice.

It is possible the freon is overcharged, and the system is shutting itself off to prevent compressor failure. Also make sure your condenser is nice and clean and not full of dead bugs.