Nissan sentry 2010 hesitates

45000 miles on this sentra we purchased used from local dealer. Now and then car lurches or hiccups, no real pattern. CEl has come on, dealer reads code and makes repairs but problem never solved. One code which came on was code for vent control valve, dealer said not to worry, cel went off but problem remains. One day, car stopped responding to gas, engine running but not engaged, pulled over, turned off engine, restarted and it was fine for rest of trip. Catalytic converter replaced after cel was on last summer. Side note, radio turns off now and then for no reason, maybe there is some electrical problem. Recently cel came on, code was for crankshaft position sensor, problem unresolved.

Replaced crankshaft control sensor, problem is worse

Hmmm…with this many possible electrical problems on a 2 year old used car, I have to wonder whether it might have been a “flood car” before you bought it. If that was the case, it may not be possible to rid the car of all of these problems. I hope that everything so far has been covered by warranty!

LOOSEN YOUR GAS CAP AND DRIVE FOR A WEEK…Let us know if any issues arise again… If not we found the issue…if SO…we can move on twd electrical component diagnosis…WHEN you give us your CEL codes to work with. Keep us posted…and ALSO>…when you loosen the gas cap…Did it make a Whooshing/sucking sound - and was it hard to “crack” open ?