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2002 Nissan sentra

Please HELP!!!

My nissan sentra gxe has been stalling on me. I will go 2 miles an hour or 70 miles an hour and the car will basically turn off. I took it to the nissan dealership and they did the 60 point inspection on it and couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I also took it to a local garage and they couldn’t find anything either. PLEASE some one help. The car just hit 100,000miles. I need it working. Any ideas?

Exactly what are the symptoms when it shuts off? Does it restart? Any symptoms when trying to restart it? Do you get a Check Engine Light? Did the shops check for stored fault codes?

You could be losing fuel (although this isn’t at all typical of fuel supply problems), or you could be losing spark (this IS symptomatic of losing spark).

Lost spark could be from a poor (intermittant) circuit connection (check your battery cables and your ground straps…both ends), lost signal to the primary (typically from a loss of a sensor signal, like perhaps the crank position sensor) or lost voltage out the secondary (loss of the igniter, loss of a signal like the CPS that tells the ECU to turn the primary on and off).

NOTE: if this is a Coil On Plug ignition system, it would have to be loss of signal to the primaries. Losing a spike off a COP coil would only cause a cylinder misfire, not a shutdown.

Post back with more info and we can try to narrow it down some.

Ok so when it shuts off all the lights on the dashboard come on. It doesn’t restart. You have to let it sit for a while before trying it again and it may or may not restart. The check engine light does come on. And some symptoms that happens when trying to restart is that it shutters and shakes. I’m not sure what the shops did they just couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

The battery has now died so i dont know if it was the batteries fault. I’m about to jump the car and see if that helps. Do you think it might just need a new battery?

I also tried changing the gas I used cause I had read some articles about the car just needing a change of regular gas to premium. Didn’t change anything…