My nissan is driving me crazy

help, my nissan sentra 05 is driving me nuts. it has just over 120,000 miles on it . i am the orginal owner, my husband died 7 mos ago and my car never had a issue to now. i changed oil and tires faithfully as required. i did put 2 belts on it but it is fine. the check engine light comes on .i had mechanic code it. they replaced all 4 spark plugs and one coil then light came right back on. then i had him replace the other 3 coils. the light still is on. i used a can of seafoam and switched to the best grade of gas. i was using regular when it is coded with one of those hand testers is always misfire on cylinder 2 and 3 i need to get teh antifreeze flushed. we never did . that wouldn’t cause this would it? when i crank the car and it is cold it has a slight vibration in the engine. and then it smooths out. my mechanic was hoping the seafoam additive would help if something sticking from gas, i did start putting preminum grade gas 2 tanks ago.

Assuming that you only have the misfire code, and no other codes, then the next suspects would be the #2 and #3 fuel injectors. However, I would verify that the fuel pressure is correct first and check for any vacuum leaks. A compression check would be good too.

thanks it has only been put on one of those hand held testers. nissan wants to charge me 80 to run diagnostics. i am wondering if there is a solenoid that could be defective. the mechanic replaced 4 plugs and one coil. i pick it up and it is still doing the same thing so i like a idiot payed 90 more per coil for 3 more thinking well it just needs a tune up.

$80 for diagnostics is not bad, if they go far enough to determine the problem instead of just reading the computer codes. If you keep going with the misfires long enough, you’ll pay a lot more than that to replace the catalytic converter.

well we found out what the problem was . the new spark plugs weren’t gapped correctly and there is a filter behind the air breather that was very dirty. the mechanics were really good and got it fixed fast. so the code was right. when they checked it they said you need spark plugs i said i put new ones on a month ago. apparently the plugs gap wasn’t set right.

bad fuel injector.

I hate to tell you this but if they had to gap the plugs, you might not have the right plugs. I believe that Nissan used double platinum plugs that are pre-gapped and the gap should not be adjusted as it can damage the platinum pads.

they said on the machine it is indicating issue on cylinder 3 i am about ready to scream very loudly.

Relax. You have a car with 120,000 miles on it. 20-30 years ago a car with 120,000 miles on it was ready for the junk yard. People were thankful for every mile they got over 100,000. These days people expect their cars to run for 300,000 with absolutely no problems. The problem will get fixed and you’ll get another 80,000 miles. But it won’t be trouble free, that’s just the nature of cars.

i am acting a horse’s backside because i didn’t have a moments trouble till my husband died . i know it is coincidental but it sure feels like a lot on me. i drive long distances to work each day to 4 different offices and i guess i am feeling overwhelmed.

It needs injectors probaly-had the same problem on 2000 Focus,ran like new when I replaced the injectors(till it dropped a valve-those Ford injectors seemed kinda cheap-Kevin

i hope so they are nailing me on the cost, apparently they doubled the cost of the parts.

ok,new plugs, new coils,new fuel injectors and once in awhile it still kinda vibrates when i first crank but levels out when given gas. any ideas, i had all injectors replaced,hit a puddle of water the next day. the next time i went to drive it felt like engine jumping. gave it some gas and smoothed out. later in week the check engine light comes on. cylinder 3 misfire. they reset code and drove ok for about 3 days now it acts a little jumpy sometimes but if given gas it smooths out and drives ok.any ideas?