Nissan Sentra Clutch



I have a 1997 Nissan Sentra with a manual transmission. For some time the clutch pedal has been making noise when depressed but usually after the car has been driven for some time. The car shifts without problems and the clutch does not slip nor show any indication of other problem. The noise is a grinding like noise like parts are rubbing together without lubrication. The clutch pedal can also become more difficult to depress. This car apparently has a clutch cable although I have had various mechanics tell me that it does not. Could the problem be that the cable gets hot during operation and is rubbing in the sheath. I previously had a VW whose cable broke while I was driving and this is not fun. Thanks for any help.


Yes the clutch cable could need to be lubed or replaced. Does it continue to make noise if you just hold it down?