'93 Nissan Sentra clutch cable replacement

Howdy, folks!

I’ve got a '93 Nissan Sentra that needs the clutch cable replaced. Long story short, my mechanic has had the car for 5 months replacing part after part, and we’re tired of waiting. Now, he’s stuck, because he needs to see a picture of the cable to know exactly how it’s supposed to be positioned. I just want the car back, so I’m resorting to the internet to help solve this problem. Do any of you fantastic folks have any leads?


Your first priority is to find another mechanic. A shop should have access to such information. And unless the car was being restored on an ‘as time allows’ basis for 1/2 the going labor rate it should never sit for that long.

I would love to find another mechanic, however he’s doing this for free, no labor, and only charging for some parts. So right now, my priority is to get the car moving so we can get it back. Thanks, though!

You need to find another mechanic.

The clutch in your vehicle is operated hydraulically. There is no clutch cable. I looked it up, so you didn’t have to.


Can you cite your source, please? All the research I did earlier when the problems first began (assuming it was hydraulic to begin with), seemed to indicate that I was not dealing with a hydraulic clutch. This was from looking in Chilton’s and Haynes, as well as online.