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My Honda's clutch

It has become difficult to push the clutch pedal in my 90 CRX. In cold and damp weather I get a loud creaking sound from under the dash as well. I sprayed some lubricant on the pedal pivot which worked for only a few pushes of the pedal. It’s slowly getting worse. New clutch or just a clutch cable?

The clutch cable and sheath can get dirty over time and start to bind. A new clutch cable will fix your problem. If you need to save some cash there are alternatives to replacement. You can pull the whole cable out and try spraying some WD40 or other lubricant on one end and work it back and forth spraying more from time to time to try to lube the sheath. It takes a bit of working back and forth to work the lube in but it eventually frees up the cable.

I’d try a new (used salvage yard) cable first . . . and I’d lube it up first . . . put the cable in an old oil change catch pan and pour in some lubricant, let it sit in the lube overnight and follow ripstops advice. Rocketman

Junkyard cable?!?!? WHY???

This is a 19 year old car, and a new cable is only $30.00. Lube up the new cable and do the job once. Use a light grease, not WD-40. WD-40 will run out and dry up on you.

Remove YOUR cable and have a motorcycle shop use their trick tools to lube it for you. WD-40 is a WORTHLESS lubricant. It’s just a can full of Kerosene and a little sent. It’s 100% evaporative. Failing that, buy a new cable…

You might want to stick your head under the dash and look at the clutch cable bracket. These have a history of flexing to the point where they begin to crack. Once the bracket cracks, the clutch cable is no longer aligned properly with the clutch pedal connection, and this makes the clutch pedal difficult to operate.


the pressure plate in the clutch possibly going bad. how old is the clutch

WD-40 is a WORTHLESS lubricant

Worse than that; it is not a lubricant, it is a water displacement. :slight_smile:

I have a salvage yard 10 miles away and could get a clutch cable for a buck. And I wouldn’t use WD 40, whatever is your fancy. I said I’d try it because it seems like the whole set-up is getting old enough to need replacing. If you pull a junkyard cable you learn how to take it apart, check the operation while in & out of the car, and then if operable try it in you own car. A new cable would be better . . . so would a new clutch . . . pressure plate, and the works. Guess I’m a cheapo. Rocketman