Stiff shifting on stick shift

My 91 Sentra has a cable operated clutch. Clutch pedal is very stiff near the end of the throw. I have to push the pedal to the floor to get into gear. Sometimes while reversing, gears crunch and i let go immediately and try again.

Compared to other cars of this type, i get same per-gear acceleration so i doubt a busted clutch.

Labour is cheap. What might i need to work with? Pressure plate? Will i get stranded at this rate?

My left leg is getting very strong but this is not my preferred form of exercise.

First, check the gear oil level.

Second, the problem probably isn’t that the pedal is too stiff per se, but that the engagement point is at the wrong spot and your leg doesn’t have as much leverage on it. The clutch cable can by adjusted by means of a nut that is located somewhere near the transaxle in the engine compartment-- check a service manual for the specific location and the adjustment specifications.

If adjusting the cable does fix it, however, it could mean a clutch in your not-too-distant future.

awesome quick and thanks a bunch. gear oil topped up. cable adjusted. it’s got about an inch of free play but then it gets stiff to push down. I’ve been told the pressure plate springs/fingers could be at fault. For the last coupla days, gears are having a little trouble slotting in every gear unless the pedal is flat to the floor.
I need to know what i am facing before i take it in for repairs. i love my car and i’d like to keep it going for a little longer.

You might want to consider that the cable including both the inner and outer cables, may be worn and need replacement.