Nissan Sentra 2002 shift solenoid problem

Hi guys. I have an issue with a shift solenoid in my 2002 Nissan Sentra. When I press the brake, the shift solenoid doesn’t go down, so I can move the shifter out of park into drive. However, sometimes when I press the brake, I can hear a click and move the shifter from park to drive. Then sometimes when I press the brake pedal, it doesn’t move down. I occasionally pump the brake up and down, until I can get the shift out of park. When I am in a rush, I manual push the leveler and use that most often. My father made some interesting button and I just hit the brake and push the screw/button and I can move the shifter out of park. I also made sure its not too down and hopefully the gear wont go in park accidentally.

To sum it up, I thought it might need lubrication? I was wondering, maybe if I open it up, i can put grease/oil where this annoying piece of crap part is, and it should move freely up and down heh, or have it professional serviced, or lastly, just go with my fathers invention of that button. heh.


sorry guys… this should be

“so I can move the shifter out of park into drive” not can its supposed to be can’t

There is a little slot, in front of the shift lever, covered by a little lid, which you can put the ignition key into, which allows you to move the shift lever from park to neutral.
This is an ELECTRICAL problem. Squirting oil at it won’t help. This is another reason there are mechanics.