Nissan Rogue Transmission fluid throw up

I am a new driver and dont know much about internal working of a car. Just got a pre-owned Nissan Rogue with 4K miles on odometer.

I forgot to trun off ignition and car was in Parking mode. After some time , I have observed transmission fluid coming out. see picture attached
Is this normal and what damage it could cause? Please appreciate your inputs here. Let me know if i should get a car checked through local mechanic. Thank you

You should be able to idle the engine for long periods without leaking any fluids.

Did this spot occur between the front wheels and then you moved the vehicle to take the picture?

Did it come out the exhaust pipe? If so, it’s just water.

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Thank you for your reply.
It came out of exhaust pipe and this spot is near back wheeels.
Any idea why it would happen?

Please explain why you think it is transmission fluid.

Water is a normal by product of combustion such as what comes out the exhaust pipe of a car. If the car idles for a while, the water vapor in the exhaust will collect on the pavement. If it evaporated in a few minutes after you turned the engine off than it certainly was water.

On cold mornings you will see white vapor coming out the exhaust of cars (yours does it too) until the engines heat up. Once the engines are hot enough, the water vapor does not condense, it is still there but dissipates before it cools enough to be seen.

Glad you are asking questions, that is how you will learn about your car. Keep asking.

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And when it idles for a really long time, water will collect in the exhaust system and eventually get pushed out by the exhaust flow, which can make a decent sized puddle fairly quickly.

You often see this with cop cars because they’ll idle at scenes for hours. They’ll drive off spurting lots of water out the tailpipe.

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NP2325 ---- 3 things , you need to read or call the dealer and find out just what warranty coverage you have on this vehicle – find the service schedule so you will change oil and filter at the correct time and have service done on time – see if the dealer you bought from if it was the actual Nissan dealer has a new owners class to help you understand your vehicle.


Additionally, if this used Rogue really has only 4k miles on the odometer, I have to wonder why the previous owner got rid of it.

At that mileage I would guess it was a dealer demo.

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What does the spot look like today?

If you see red oily fluid its transmission oil. If you see green or greenish blue oil fluid its cvt transmission oil.
What you saw is water from water vapor coming out of your exhaust.
Don’t go being paranoid about your CVT, just don’t pass on the recommended service intervals, and make sure the proper fluid is used.