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Leaking Exhaust pipe

I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna. I had it running the other day to listen to the radio while I was cleaning the inside. I noticed that liquid was dripping from the exhaust pipe. Is this normal, or should I have this looked at?

Mike, This Is Completely Normal. I Listen To The Radio Every Time I Clean My Car.

However, I don’t run my car while it’s parked and I’m listening to the radio for a relatively short time.

Combustion produces water. Combustion is inside every internal combustion engine while it’s operating. The water accumulates and has to go someplace and it drips out of the exhaust system. The water is normal. No need to have it looked at because you already have.

Look at other car’s exhaust pipes, particularly cars that were only recently started and you may see water dripping. Pay attention to cars stopped ahead of you at traffic lights when they take-off as the light turns green. That often causes water that has been accumulating in the exhaust pipe to drip / run out.

Cooler / cold ambient temperatures exacerbate this situation.

Click this link and see what transpired when somebody else noticed a rather leaky tailpipe a week ago.

To my knowledge, we never heard back from The Jeffster.

The water is normal, but this is a very expensive way to listen to the radio. The radio will work if you turn the key to the “accessory” position. Running the engine wastes gasoline, and is unnecessary.