Transmission fluid on the exhaust manifold

I have a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer 4WD, and I’m having an issue with a transmission leak. Somehow, transmission fluid is making it’s way onto the spark plug wires and dripping onto the exhaust manifold where flange connects to the exhaust pipe right before the catalytic, at the donut gasket). Consequently, it smokes like a volcano. I’ve put the truck on jackstands, degreased it, warmed the transmission and ran it through the gears to search for leaks, and I can see no fluid leaking from the pan, bellhousing, cooler lines or dipstick tube, or anywhere else. The only place I saw a drip form was right above the starter, just below where it’s dripping onto the manifold. I can only conclude that the transmission is blowing oil out of the vent tube. However, there are no indications of overheating or issues with the operation of the transmission, no slipping or hesitation. It drives and shifts as well as it ever has. I’ve searched the internet forums, and from what I gather it’s possible that the cooler lines are plugged, or maybe that the pump is failing. Any suggestions? Has anyone had experience with the 4L60E transmission or these issues before? Any help would be greatly appreciated before it goes to the shop on Monday.

What color is the power steering fluid? Is the p/s reservoir staying at the MAX mark? Is the A/T level stable, or dropping?

P/S fluid is clear yellow; the reservoir is full. The A/T level was low initially (maybe a pint), but I filled it and it hasn’t seemed to drop since (about 2 days).

I was told that there is a vacuum actuated module on the transmission and there is a diaphragm that can get a hole it it and when that happens transmission fluid is sucked into the intake manifold and then into the combustion chamber and out into the exhaust manifold. There can be smoke at the exhaust doughnut and at the tail pipe and I mean lots of white smoke. I originally thought this was oil until my transmission fluid disappeared. I am still working on the issue but am pretty sure this is the issue. Supposedly you can change out the module from underneath without much effort.