Nissan Primera P10 1.6 16V

Hi friends, i have a big problem with my 92 P10 carb, i got it from my aunt and she let the car stay for like 10 years, the engine works great because i sprayed starting spray into the carb directly to the engine and the sound was awesome and clean, but my biggest problem is that my carb takes fuel in him, but he doesn’t give fuel to the engine, i have very good spark because the car starts with starting spray like a beauty, i don’t know what to do and i want to keep all the original parts on her, and here in Romania, this car got here in 2010 when my aint bought it, but at the registration station they didn’t even had the program for this engine code and she waited like two months to be able to drive her legaly, i want you to help me revive this beauty, it’s my second car and i’m in love with this type of old school cars (i can’t call it a jdm bcs it’s origins are from italy)

If this car has a carburetor and has sat for several years, it sounds like you either need a new or rebuilt one, or if possible a rebuild kit for the one you have.

EDIT: Looks like the 92 P10 with the 1.6 petrol did have a carburetor,


It could be as simple as a bad float in the carb.

For someone who hasn’t worked on carbs I’d recommend putting on a rebuilt one or have a trusted shop rebuild the one from the car.