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Porsche 912 Issue

I have a 1967 Porsche 912. Today it was being a bit difficult getting fired up. Third time was the charm, but once in gear it had no power at all. The tachometer was around 3.5k in first before it even found the 10mph neighborhood ad took its sweet time to get there when shifting into second the car died. I turned her right around an put her to bed. I am thinking carburetor… anyone else have any thoughts?

How often is the car run? When was the last time it was running before today? How old is the gas that is now in the tank? Was the gas “stabilized” with a product like Stabil soon after the gas was purchased?

Gummed up carb, and sticky carb floats could be part of your problem. Old stale gas can cause poor running and mess up your carb(s).

I hope you can fix the problem yourself…Otherwise, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

How many carbs? How do the choke(s) function?

I would look at a sticking choke.

Wow, thanks for the input guys! Lets see its a weekend driver and the gas is less than a month old. It has the original engine (dual carb flat 4) . I was thinking sticking floats or gummed up injectors. Would be best bet be a carb rebuild to include a complete engine tune up (plugs, points, distributor, timing)?

The choke is easy to analyze, I think before throwing parts at the problem you spend the bucks and get a proper diagnosis.

“I was thinking sticking floats or gummed up injectors.”

It can’t have both…

@Jody, it seems you have a car many of us would “die for”. As Caddyman said you have either carbs or FI (fuel injection). With fuel injection you have “injectors” with a carb you don’t have fuel injectors.

A '67 Porsche should go to a specialty repair shop, one that specializes in Porsche cars. At this point a general auto repair shop is good for basic stuff like an oil change or a new brakes, but really you need to go to a Porsche specialty shop for everything on this car. The car is simply to different and too unique to be worked on by just any general mechanic.

If you work on the car yourself you need to spend some money on a good set of shop manuals for this specific car. I envy you, take good care of that car.

The 912 was the econobox version of the 911. It’s a 4 cylinder 90 hp car…They were very popular and outsold the 6 cylinder 911’s by a wide margin…But they looked like a Porsche and they drove like a Porsche and that’s what counts…

That 912 came with carb(s). The later 912E was injected.

Sorry for the verbiage…discharge nozzle or jet if you prefer my Da always called them injectors, as they “injected” the fuel from the bowl into the engine. I have been doing most of the work on the car myself thus far to include breaks, half axle replacement, and tune up. It has been a real joy and (learning process) but it may be time for the professionals.

Are you hooked into the Porsche forums? Lots of enthusiasts with lots of info.