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Nissan Pathfinder

Since the cold weather, my drivers window goes up very slow. Sometimes it won’t go up at all. I called Nissan $178.00 for a motor. It seems to me it is sticking vs. the motor. I have replaced two already. This is a 2001 Pathfinder LE. Any suggestions?

I would take the vehicle to a automotive/truck glass replacement service. They can adjust the mechanism so that the window doesn’t bind or drag.

Could be the motor or sticking…As suggested…take it to a glass place. Far cheaper then the dealer.

Thanks. I did not think of that.

Try finding some silicon lubricate or something for glass and putting that on. My old supposed infalliable Civic used to have this issue starting at 50k miles. The dealer I visited tried a lubricant without charge while getting other work done and it essentially fixed the window for a while and then would resurface after 2 years and I would lubricate again.