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'94 Pathfinder Blinkers and Brake Lights

Nissan Pathfinder SE-V6 4x4

My blinkers quit working, but flashers still come on. All 3 brake lights also went out but tail lights still work. when the car is cranked and blinker is on there is a buzzing (alert) sound and the oil temp light comes up on the dash, there is no sound when the key is in the on position, only when it is cranked. Occasionally there is a crackle through the speakers that usually goes away when I turn it off. I don’t know if the last part is relevant but I figured I would put it in anyway. Is this an easy fix or are there serious electrical problems?

If you have to ask I’d say its a serious electrical problem. For someone who doesn’t have to ask its probably just an annoying problem.

Did you check the brake like fuse, switch, and bulbs? (The fact that the tail lights work doesn’t tell you all that much).

As for the turn signals, the first thing I’d do is check out a wiring diagram (probably available via the Repair Info section of Autozone’s website) and I’d probably ending up checking the switch first.