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Nissan or Chevy Silverado 1500(small truck) Advice

Hey Gang,

Ive narrowed it down after countless hours research car buyin do’s and dont’s to Nissan Frontier 2010 leftover and 2011 Chevy Silverado. We need a survival post here for buying a car, because these salesman are trained. Im all for people making a profit but dont rip me off thinking I wont notice.


2010 Nissan Frontier, 4 cyl. 2wd,loaded/2 tiny seats in rear

2011 Chevy Silverado 6cyl, 2wd Basic work truck/3 seated front bench

Importance to Me: MPG(I drive 25,000+ mile yearly/2 kids(Nissan,seating might be better? quick trips to soccer,school pickup ect), reliability, Love Exterior look of Silverado over Nissan ,bells and whistles dont mean much to me though,

Cost:Chevy dealer might be playing games$20,500/Nissan$19,500 dealer really wants this car GONE!!!

I plan on keeping this truck for 10-15 years so I want to make the right decision.

Nissan: I think I can get for better price for the Frontier. Both are either going to toss me out of the dealership, so when I do make a final offer its done.

* One last thing/I know both are not ideal for towing. But dealers told me I could use either truck to just pull a 3500lb boat out of a low incline ramp and if I was only going a really short distance like to my yard(300yard) . Both said they wouldnt tow on a highway.

Please help


If you want to keep the vehicles for that long, go with the V8 Silverado instead. My uncle has an extended cab GMC Sierra(twin of the Silverado) with a V8 and he reports BETTER fuel economy than his regular cab Silverado V6 that was a year older(he bought both new IIRC). I can’t remember which, but I think he had the 5.3L, but they also have a 4.8L V8.
The good news is, if you really want the Silverado, and can wait for a bit, you can factory order the vehicle to your specifications. So, if you do plan to tow regularly, the V8 with a tow package will help tremendously. Visit websites like and find out what people are paying for similar vehicles so you can be informed when you walk into the show room.

Forgot to mention the Chevy is a 6 cyl 4.3.

And to reiterate my last post, I do believe that both the 4.8L and 5.3L V8 will give the same fuel mileage. The 4.3L MIGHT give similar fuel economy, but my uncle reports better mileage with his V8 than the V6 version.
We took a ride in his Sierra and it fit 5 adults in there no problem

Nissan makes a bigger pickup than the tiny one. It has four doors and bigger seats in the rear.

Nissan Frontier= small pu, Chevy Silverado= full size pu. If you’re gonna go with the Chevy, go with a v8. You will get just as good of fuel mileage plus you’ll have more power. The 4.3 in a full size pu is a gutless machine. You will also seat people more comfortably in the full size pu.

I just built my beast on the web site. V8 makes sense. A big truck deserves a big engine.

 * Last question, Im currently driving a Jeep Liberty with 6cyl. The milage isnt great but I manage. Do you think the regular cab short box V8 pickup2WD will be about the same or worse in terms of milage.

A 2005 Liberty with the automatic transmission gets 15 city and 20 highway. A new 2WD Silverado with a 5.3L V8 get 15/21. You can check out mileage here: shows 15/21 for the 5.3L(11/16 using E85) 15/20 for the 4.3L, 14/19 for the 4.8L(10/14 using E85) and 13/18 for the 6.2L(9/13 for E85)

And we ruled out one of the better choices, the Tacoma, for what reason ?

I just saw my mechanic last night, thats exactly what he said. He pointed to 4 different toyotas in for oil changes and all had 100,000 miles + and have never had major work done. He loves them,best car. Im on line today looking a Toyota 4 door, 4*4 2010 beautiful truck. reduced to 27,000.

You may have to pay more; you may have to decide if it’s worth it over time. I have and did; 5 times over. If you plan on keeping it for 10 or 15 years, it’s the best choice IMO. And, as long as body maintenance is as important a priority as changing the oil.