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Diesel or gas

I will probably be ordering a new silverado this fall. I would say 90% of the mileage will be short trips. From 1 mile to grocery store to 7 miles max. to our daughters. What would be best to buy ? Diesel or gasoline. My 01 silverado
has 140,000 miles and the 6 liter still runs great.

For driving so little, why bother with a new truck. Keep driving yours if it runs great.

I agree with Goldwing…To maximize finances…keep what you got.

New car fever , eh ?

Agree with the others.
best buy ? '01 silverado 6.0 140,000K.

since it already runs great you might put a few bucks into spiffing it up good as new.
Wax & buff
tune up

If you buy new you wouldn’t want a diesel unless you do a lot of heavy hauling.

Keep the old truck, take the money you save and buy a late model cream puff sports car for fun.

I guess what I am reading is gasoline. Just bought a new 2012 Elantra for commuting and we presently are on our 7th corvette. The 01" Silverado is having a couple of issues and I would just as soon have new as fix the old. Thanks any way. And before I get comments about the Elantra the similar Ford and Chevy have drum brakes in back.
That was the deciding issue for me.

Unless you have a lot of money to contribute the economy, for driving like that I would stick with gas. Diesels might be good for hauling and over the road, but not for short trips.

Stick with the gas engine. For your driving style diesel doesn’t make sense. If you drove long distances on the highway, or hauled some really heavy loads, then a diesel would be appropriate, but not for commuting short distances.

only time a diesel would make sense is 30k+ miles per year highway or if you towed frequently.
I’d recommend an F150 over a Silverado myself, but it’s your money

Unless you are a farmer, a tradesman, a contractor or the like, why drive a fuel guzzler pickup? Count on gas and diesel prices trending upward as they have done. For occasional hauling tasks, there are inexpensive trailers available. This one can haul a riding mower, a refrigerator, a motorcycle, a couch etc. The bed is much lower than a pickup’s, easier to load.

There are others to choose from.

Right…Do you really NEED a truck? Especially a big heavy V8 diesel truck? What do you haul in it other than yourself? What’s wrong with drum brakes? 80% of the braking effort with most vehicles is supplied by the front wheels…Using drums on the back greatly simplifies the parking brake and makes for a more effective emergency brake without sacrificing normal stopping distance…

You have a Vette? Get a Tundra with it’s near best in class standard acceleration and towing, so when the Vette breaks down, you can tow it in on a flat bed, and have something to juice around town while waiting for repairs.

With respecet, you’ve asked us what you should buy and told us how many miles it’ll get driven, but haven’t told us what attributes are important to you.

Are you a Chevy man or open to other brands?
Do you like something big?
Is gas mileage important?
Towing capacity?
Hauling capacity?