2019 Nissan Frontier - as good as other pickups?

I have not seen any complaint for this model. Does this mean that 2019 Frontier is better than Ford f150 or Ranger or Colorado? Beside not good on gas and affordable. Or should I spent a little more and get a better truck. Thanks.

The answer is buy what meets your needs , price point or just what you like.
New with warranty is all that matters because problems usually don’t happen for a while anyway.
As for which one is better , ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers.

I have read lots of good things about the Ranger. Not so good about the Colorado. F150 is a full size, well rated pickup. Bigger than your other choices. More $$$ too.

Nissan Frontiers do not hold their value where I live so the prices on 2-3-4 year old trucks are very inviting and I would consider one myself.

They have been unchanged for many years now so I would think they had most of the bugs ironed out . If you plan on running it into the ground then resale value is a moot point . If you drive it and are happy with it that is all that matters . My brother inlaw has a GMC Canyon and is pretty pleased with it .

Nissan doesn’t sell that many Frontiers, certainly not as many as Ford sells F-150’s. The Frontier has been relatively unchanged since 2005, it’s really outdated by today’s standards. Nissan just hasn’t invested much into it. The F-150 despite being a larger, more powerful truck gets significantly better fuel economy that the Frontier

With that said, I’m sure you’d be able to get a good deal on Frontier if you wanted one, they are pretty inexpensive as far as new trucks go. I’d also put the Ranger and Colorado in front of the Nissan.

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Right now it’s possible to buy a F150XL or Ranger XL for nearly the same as a Frontier if you’re only wanting a basic work truck. The frontier’s only real appeal is the smaller size than some of the other’s but it’s been around so long you’d get a better design for similar money from Ford or Chev. The Frontier owner’s i work with are happy with their trucks but most of my co-workers have Toyota Tacoma’s.

I am considering the Frontier and the Colorada, from what I have seen the Frontier is not as comfortable as it coud be, I’m not a fashonisa, so I really do not care that much about the design, but curious about the downsides you have found for the Colorado.

If you search Colorado here on CarTalk, you will find quite a few posts of problems for them. Seems more than other kinds of mid-size trucks. A mysterious vibration issue a number of them have plus other things. That would make me a little wary.

The Ranger seems like a well-reviewed model and I might be in the market in couple of years when the first trucks come off lease.

I searched this site, and did not see enough to make me think the Colorado is a bad choice

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