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2017 Nissan Murano randomly shuts off

Car randomly shut off while driving… no noises or warning lights came on, I just couldn’t drive it anymore. Got it towed to my dealership service center. They claimed the oil dipstick wasn’t installed properly at last oil change (in July), causing an oil leak. The description on my invoice: “battery tests weak, acid leaking on top. found alternator shorted due to oil leak.” They installed a new battery, a new alternator, and said the starter is okay. I picked the car up today and the same thing happened on my way home, not even 15 miles away. By the time I got the car towed back to the dealership, they were about to close so I couldn’t find out what happened. Would anyone have some input before I speak with them tomorrow as I have very little knowledge and am unsure if I can trust them again. Any specific questions I can ask them?

That is a very odd statement.

What about all the times you checked the oil level?

Anyway, please let us know what they find on re-inspection and diagnosis.

Did you look at the engine to see the oil mess? The dipstick story seems fishy.


Sure… "Since you didn’t actually FIX my problem the FIRST time I was here, this is free, right?


A bad crankshaft position sensor can cause an engine to shut off randomly.