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Radio Issues

The problem started about 5 months ago. I have 6 preset stations on the car radio and one by one the stations “go out.” The sound is like a TV station that has lost its signal. The problem occurs at approximately the same distance from home EVERY time. Preset #1 goes out; I go to #2 and plays for a while, then it goes out. No. 4 never plays and #5 and #6 play for a longer amount of time, but eventually, they go out as well. When I stop the car and start again, the last station playing (usually 4 or 5) will play for a while, then they are gone. The same scenario plays out again the next day.
The Nissan dealership is willing to replace the antenna, but I don’t think this is an antenna problem. They are willing to cover the cost, but if this is not the problem, then I will be responsible for the repair.
On Nov. 6, 2011 an 8-point buck “ran into the car” causing major frontal damage.
Any thoughts on what is going on??

Is this vehicle still under warranty?
If so, I suggest that you contact Nissan’s corporate customer service staff. The toll-free phone number can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

And, if it is not under warranty, I suggest that you take the car to an independent audio expert.

As to the damage from that deer collision, you can just chalk that up to a combination of deer-mating season, bad karma, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. By now, I assume that you have taken the vehicle to a body shop, had it repaired, and dealt with your insurance company. I hope you don’t think that this damage is covered by warranty.

Nissan Murano

Model-Year ?


Not sure of the vehicle or year you have. But Nissan had a couple of issues with the Clarion head-units for several years. Mine had a problem…but I was able to get it fixed locally. Clarion made most of the units for Nissan back in the 90’s and early 00’s.

If it’s under warranty…then have Nissan repair this.

If not…then either get it fixed…or replace it. In my case…it was cheaper to get mine fixed from a local guy who specialized in these units. But in most cases it’s cheaper to just replace it. You can do it yourself (pretty simple to do). Or take it someplace. If you know how to use a screwdriver then do it yourself. Go to You can get a new unit from them…along with a FREE mounting and wiring kit (and even free shipping most of the time). It comes with detailed instructions…AND they even have a technical hot line if you need it.

Did the problem start after you nailed Christmas dinner or before? If it was caused by the accident, then Nissan owes you nothing. But your insurance company, if you used them for repairs, would be a place to recover repair costs. If the radio problem started several months after the accident, it is probably not related. Give us a time line for the events.

I would accept the dealer’s offer to replace the antenna. It could be a loose connection inside the antenna; maybe a loose connection of the antenna to the radio.

I doubt it is the antenna. It sounds more like the radio is the problem.

What happens when you set all presets to the very same station, one you can receive during your entire trip? Also, if that does the same thing, what happens when you start with preset 5 and work your way down to 1?

I recommend that when you install the new usit you use an “adapter cable”. The adapter cable splices on to the new head unit following easy instructions and allows you to plug the new untit directly into the existing OEM wiring harness. No splicing, no butchering of the harness…and no messed up circuitry.