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Nissan Murano power steering leak

My 2004 Nissan Murano with 155K miles has started leaking power steering fluid. Mechanic said the leak is from rusted out steering mechanism, cost approx. $850 to replace. Seems like I can buy a lot of steering fluid for periodic replacement at this price. Was hoping to keep car another 3 years. Is this normal?
Is it worth fixing?

PS leaks are often rubber hose problems or leaks at the rubber hose connectors. This cause is often when you turn the steering wheel all the way to the stop, like when parallel parking. That creates an immovable object vs an unstoppable force situation, and the power steering hose flexes around like a crazed-snake & the connection point takes the beating when that happens. So good idea to make sure that’s not the problem first. Clean the area around the rubber hose connections right where they mate up with the power steering pump, then check over time to see if there’s more fluid leaking. You could have someone turn the steering wheel from stop to stop with the engine idling while you looked at those hoses flexing around too. Might see something to help diagnose the problem.

If it is actually the PS pump leaking, well, that can happen too. Your idea to live with it might be workable, as long as you don’t mind the leaks on the ground & maintain the fluid level topped off.

My Corolla BTW has a small PS fluid leak at the rubber hose connector. Been that way for 15 years. On my older Ford truck, I had to replace the hose one time.

George, It would not cost 850.00 for a power steering pump and hoses. This almost has to be the rack and pinion. And if it rusted bad enough to leak it possibly will become unsafe.


Rack & pinions assemblies are made from an aluminum/magnesium alloy.

Not from steel.

So they can’t rust.

I would be looking for a rusted out steel section of the high pressure line.


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Tester, as usual you are among those who post here that I admire for their knowledge. I set corrected. Maybe the OP will clarify what the 850.00 is for.

I found in my case it was not the rack but the lines, still $800 for replacement, different car.

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There are steel lines on the rack and pinion gear assembly.