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Unsure if power steering hose actually needs replacement

I have a 2007 Nissan Murano. When cold it will scream and moan. When it warms up it is quite. It got to where recently it felt like I lost some of my power steering power. While the engine was at operation temperate, I checked the fluid level and it was at full hot. I thought belt, pulley, or worse case the pump itself.

I took it in today and they stated that I need a new hose. While I never had any problems with this shop. I just not sure about that. No fluid lost so it isn’t leaking from pump or a hose.

So how could a hose go bad and not send enough pressure and fluid to the rack. Wouldn’t a bad hose need a good pump if there is a crack in the hose to cause it to spray or leak from the hose. Wouldn’t you need a good pump to provide pressure and fluid to the rack? So if the pump is going wouldn’t that cause the same symptoms. I just can’t think of a way that a hose would be bad without some signs. O ring goes or hose cracks there is a leak then and lost of fluid.

Any thoughts, thank you

Those are an indication that the power steering fluid is very low.

The fluid may be foamed at that point because it is low, check the fluid level when cold.
To replace a leaking power steering hose will cost less than replacing a leaking rack and pinion unit, if you don’t believe the shop as to what is leaking take a look for yourself.

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