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Nissan Maxima Alternator

Thanks for your comments earlier…Here’s the deal…I was charged $483.00 for a rebuilt alternator plus labor…was that too much? My car still has trouble starting and after I drive it for a while and turn it off, it almost won’t start again. What is this mechanic going to tell me when I bring it back today? Is he going to say something else is wrong that will cost more money? The car has been hesitating since he changed the starter last year. Help!

When you say “…it almost won’t start again.”, do you mean that the engine will crank over i.e. the starter is working and going ‘r-r-r’ but the engine will not start i.e. catch and keep on running and going ‘Vroom’? Is the Check Engine Light ‘on’ when you are getting hesitation?

Yes, the starter seems to be working and there is a ‘r-r-r’ going on,then hesitation and it sounds like the battery will die if it doesn’t start soon. The Check Engine Light was on before the car completely died going through a puddle. Then mechanic said it was my alternator, charged me over $400 and the Check Engine Light is STILL on and it looks like he didn’t even check the battery, because there is all this green stuff, like mold, all over it. And it hesitates when I’m driving. I took it back to him on Fri. but he said to come back Mon. I think I’m in trouble.

You know the more I look into these problems the more I think it might be the MAF sensor or fuel filter. The most frustrating part of all of this, is the fact I have been telling the mechanic for almost 2 years now. And he just kept telling me it was the ‘gas’ I was using. I think my alternator was just fine and the puddle just stopped my car.