Car won't start

I have a '97 Nissan Maxima with 213K miles. It is a manual transmission. Just last week the when I went to start the car in the morning, I turned the ignition key but the car won’t start. In fact, I only hear a clicking sound. I check the battery adn it seems to be fine. I even put in a new battery and the same thing would happen, no cranking sound only clicking. Since it is a manual transmission, I was able to have people help me push the car and by poping the clutch while moving, the engine started to run. My question: What broke? Is it the starter motor or the alternator? By the way, I had the alternator replace 18 months ago. Thanks.

its your starter

its your starter your alternator has nothing to do with starting your car

Starter, or cable, or ignition switch, or neutral lock out switch, or relay, or connection.

Likely your starter; check out the complete starter circuit. Our Nissan had exactly the same problem last year and it needed a new starter.

Thanks! I will look to replace the starter. Should I replace with a new starter or pull a used starter from the junk yard?

Remember, our advice is to CHECK OUT THE COMPLETE STARTER CIRCUIT. In the past it was usually the starter solenoid, that little cylinder that engages the starter gear to the flywheel. Nowadays the whole assembly is replaced. Your ignition switch has to be checked out as well. Never replace anything unless you are sure that it is defective.

I would have a rebuilt starter put in if required. Your idea of getting one from a wrecking yard and doing it yourself will almost guarantee failure to solve the problem, unles you are very mechanically inclined. You could easily ruin your flywheel doing this.