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Alternator replacement

How much should a 2000 Maxima SE alternator cost to be replaced, including labor? And is a new one better than a rebuilt one? I don’t know what brand they replaced it with…

Thank you.

I can’t comment on cost.

But a quality rebuilt well be as good or better then new.

Auto zone has a premium remanufactured alternator for $159.00 exchange lifetime guarantee. Labor should only be 1 hour or so.

If you pay a mechanic or dealer it will cost much more than if you do it yourself. Dealers install new alternators, which are much more expensive than rebuilt alternators.

I always buy rebuilt alternators at my local parts store and I’ve never had a problem with one.

Thanks for your comments…Here’s the deal…I was charged $483.00 for a rebuilt alternator plus labor…was that too much? My car still has trouble starting and after I drive it for a while and turn it off, it almost won’t start again. What is this mechanic going to tell me when I bring it back? Something that will cost more money?

Thanks for your comments…Here’s the deal…I was charged $483.00 for a rebuilt alternator($280. plus labor). My car still has trouble starting and after I drive it for a while and turn it off, it almost won’t start again!

It really depends on what the problem is. If it is a bad battery, that could have been replaced for ~$100 with free installation at Pep Boys or Autozone. If the alternator is not charging the battery, they still owe you the fix for the alternator.

Thanks. This all started because I went through a puddle during a huge rainstorm and the car just died. Towed it to mechanic who had put in 2 starters already because I thought that was the problem and he would have to fix or replace it. (I was having problems all along and he kept telling me it was the gas I was putting in) Anyway, he put in a rebuilt alternator and the car is having problems with starting. I think it’s the mass air flow sensor or fuel pump filter…I don’t even think it was an alternator problem at all. I don’t know what kind he put in or what the warranty is. My mechanic up North would at least show my broken part.I’m going to have to become a car mechanic before Monday, because he’ll probably tell me I need a new ‘something else’…I’m betting it’s going to be a ‘fuel pump’!

I would recommend that you take your car to another shop. Consult friends and neighbors for recommendations.

If you believe it is the fuel pump or something in the ignition, all this can be tested without replacing expensive parts. A spark gap analyzer can measure the strength of the spark output, and a fuel pressure gauge can read the fuel pressure to see if the fuel delivery system is at fault.

If your mechanic’s answer is 'Let’s try replacing this", he’s doing you no favors except lightening your wallet.

Why Not Find A Reputable “Auto Electric” Shop ? I Have One In My Neck Of The Woods That Would Check The Charging System And Need Be, Rebuild The Alternator At A Fraction Of What You’re Talking About.

Find a good independent shop, in business forever, and give them a call. I took an alternator into my shop and I won’t tell you how much I was charged (while I waited) for a rebuild because you probably wouldn’t believe me. (No parts available ? No problem. The guy even had rebuilt brush holders in stock that he reloads himself because they aren’t available).

Don’t know if you’ve got anything like that near you, but try using the phone and asking questions, including approximate costs for what you’re discussing here.


Thank you. I found an ‘Auto Electric’ shop right in my area who have been around for over 30 years. They are AAA and iATN approved and ASE certified. They have a video showing all their up to date electrical testing devices that they use and the reviews from people are all about honesty and good work. I will call them tomorrow and see what they say. I’m so mad at myself for trusting the guy again. I guess I was so overwhelmed because the towing company had dropped my car at the ‘old’ location of mechanic, which was an empty lot, in a crappy part of town, with my keys in the car! No one knew where my car was for over 36 hours…it was crazy. Anyway, thanks again.

Thank you. I will keep this all in mind…actually I’m going to write in down on paper and see what he comes up with. Someone else suggested that I find an ‘auto electric’ shop, which I’m looking into. At least they seem to have the latest devices to find what the problem is. Did I mention my ‘check engine’ light was on when I bought it into be fixed and it’s still on after
$485. worth of so called service!