Nissan Maxima 2000 - Car shifter stuck in parking position

My car recently started showing an issue where the car shifter is stuck in parking. Temporarily, I used the shift lock release and was able to unlock it. Also, I think the switch lock control switch seems to be OK, as I hear the click noise when I press the brake with key in ACC position.

Appreciate if anyone could point to what is wrong here.

What year?
Modern cars have a solenoid-operated “normally engaged” safety interlock that only enables the shifter to come out of park only when the brakes are applied. My guess is that yours isn’t properly disengaging. The switch, activated by the brake pedal lever, is probably either sticking or malfunctioning.

If you’d like the location of the switch, the dealer’s parts guy should be happy to print an “exploded view” drawing of its location if you ask nicely.

2000 Nissan Maxima

If you’re sure that the clicking you hear is for the shift-interlock mechanism, then either the solenoid is near dead or the mechanisms are gummed up and don’t move well enough. I didn’t look up access, so you should, but you will probably need to remove the center console to gain access to the whole thing. Clean it up as best you can and then see where things stand.

If you’re not sure whether the clicking if from the interlock mechanism, then you start by making sure that you brake light switch is working - for more reasons than the shift interlock.