Nissan Juke Smoking on Front Right Pls Help

Hi so I have a 2012 Nissan Juke and yesterday after pulling out of a drive through I noticed an oily/gassy smell that was coming from my AC. I turned the AC up to make sure, and then it got worse so I immediately turned it off. I was on my break at work so I continued driving back when white smoke started coming from the passenger front side of the car. No lights turned on indicating something was wrong and the it didn’t not appear to be overheating. The smoked stopped after about 3 minutes of driving at 40 mph with no AC. I was in a hurry to get back to work and didn’t look any further. I was worried but when I got off it was about 9pm so there wasn’t much I could do then and the smell was slightly there but not too noticeable. I drove home and everything was fine but I kept the AC off, now I’m worried and do not know what to do. I’m a girl in college and no family lives close by… so is it okay to drive it… and where should I bring it for this type of issue? Thank you in advance for the help!

It sounds like there’s a refrigerant leak under the hood for the AC.

The next time you go to you use the AC and it doesn’t work, that’s probably what’s happened.


I think you have a stuck brake. Either the caliper, slides or even the brake hose. Please have your brakes checked.

The A.C. compressor could be seizing. The belt is slipping causing the smoke. But as @Mustangman said it could be brakes. If he’s right it is dangerous to drive. You may not be able to afford to bring it to a shop, but you definitely can’t afford not to.

Ask around for a reference to a good mechanic. Maybe ask someone who works at the school and has been there a long time. Please do not go to a national chain.


The fluid levels should be checked with the engine cold before this vehicle is driven again, there may be a coolant leak.