Wire smell smoke, no problem?

99 Jeep grand cherokee. i get 5-20 min of white/blue smoke. smells electrical. nasty. smoke comes from under relay box. not the relay box. b4 smoke; engine seems like emerg.brake is on. lately my a/c fan quits, or compressor doesnt come on or both or neither. lasts minutes or days on or off. can anyone help. mechanic cannot find anything because it wont be bad 4 him.

Use your nose to locate where 5-20min. of smoke is comming from. Most electrical circuts/components would be piles of molten metal/plastic after this long. Cant connect the e-brake sympton but not suprised at the AC inop condition. Your vehicle has a short circut. Serpentine belt isnt smoking on a siezed compressor is it. Look under hood with engine on is everything turning correctly?

Hard to believe a fuse hasn’t blown, or a circuit breaker tripped. Sounds like the problem is somewhere in the AC system/circuit.

20 minutes of white, stinky electrical smoke is getting REALLY close to a fire. Too close for comfort. This is not something to mess around with. You could have an electrical fire in your vehicle, and that’s not funny.

I suggest you go to an electrical system specialist, as opposed to your regular mechanic. This is potentially VERY dangerous. Don’t delay. Find out what’s causing this and get it fixed ASAP.

electrical? no way!

find a good tech,and have it fixed,

run over any GARBAGE BAGS LATELY) ?

i saw the smoke coming from under relay box. went over all wires, find nothing. this has happened at least 5 times of 5 minute smoke. serpentine belt is fine. a/c clutch & compressor is working. no smoke near there. i get coolness out of vents but fan comes on only 30 seconds every hour.

checked all fuses. ac fan is working now only 30 seconds every hour. it has smoked 5 minutes at least 5 times in 5 months. i live in a rural area. no real specialists. hence my search here. had it in 4 repair 4 times, they see nothing wrong. me either.