My Piece of Crap Nissan Frontier

My AC will not hold freon after servicing-dye cks found no leakage!. BUT- the truck (2001) has a very storng burning odor after driving it any amount of time coming from under hood. Cannot locate source of smell. Is it AC related?

Find a AC specialist. If it’s leaking they should be able to find it.

Why do you call it a piece of crap? How many miles do you have on it? I am considering a 2000 Frontier.

You should not consider the truck a POS. It’s 8 years old now and at the point where an A/C system leak could be considered normal.
Get a competent A/C shop to look at this. Dye is not always the ultimate problem finder because there are areas that can be difficult to access. Make sure the shop uses an electronic sniffer and make sure the service fittings where the gauges connect do not leak. Those can often get overlooked.

Given the loss of freon and smell complaint, one could think the problem is related to the compressor shaft seal or compressor body seal. Refrigerant oil will be lost with the refrigerant and this could be oozing onto an exhaust header pipe. Look at the bottom of the compressor and around the clutch assembly. If it’s grimy and blackened to some degree then it’s probably leaking.

An AC leak on a vehicle that old is not unusual. Find an A/C shop (radiator repair shop?) and find out what it is and how much to fix it. Note: an an A/C system is allowed to loose pressure it can allow air and moisture into the system calling for expensive repairs.

It could be something as simple and cheap as a leaky valve. If that is the only thing that has gone wrong with this car, I wouldn’t call it a piece of crap.

Air conditioning problems can be difficult to diagnose, especially if it is related to the compressor. Try a second, third, or fourth opinion, if necessary.