Nissan frontier sqeaks

2005 frontier, 4x4, Nismo, 4 door, front end squeaks, not shocks or lub. Only audible when not at dealers!!!17,000 miles only.

Does it happen when ???

??? = First thing in the morning, on damp days, when it is hot, when it is cold…??

usually after usage, weather cold or hot but mostly on rough city streets not on highway driving. One person thought the torque would have to be adjusted where body was joined to frame. mostly noticable in front with windows up to hold out environmental noise. Does not seem to happen when I first start driving, but does not take long.

[b]Bring it back to the dealer, and ask that they spray a silicone lubricant on all the front end bushings. If the noise goes away, one of the front end bushings is causing the noise.


Low mileage, but still probably near 3 year old rubber bushings in the stabilizer bar.
Sway bar bushings are usually the first thing to creak, and as mentioned, spray some WD40 on them and see if they shut up.
WD is not a long term cure though; a silicone based grease such as GM’s K44 works better.

It could also be caused by control arm through bolts, spring pads, ball joint, or a tie rod end, but the sway bar bushings are the easiest thing to mess with.