Nissan flooding advice

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I am an owner of a 2018 Nissan Versa, 50k miles. Since last September (roughly a year) the passenger side of the car has flooded twice - there is a serious design flaw where the inner drainage system is easily blocked by leaves/environmental debris which results in an overflow of water behind the dashboard area. Rain water floods the entire side of the passenger area which, after reading other forums of owners with the same problem, sometimes impacts the cars electronic system which destroys the car. I am here to seek advice as to what to do with my car. How easily do cars rust and grow mold? I an extremely thorough with my cleaning and am able to effectively rid the car of any odors or water, but of course I can’t control what happens to the inner body. Is the car worth “keeping on top of”, or should I sell now before significant problems occur?


Pretty easily.

Everything in a car is worth “keeping on top of” since failure to do so will affect your bank account and your ability to use your car. So Yes.

This is the significant thing to “keep on top of” given the problem. Learn how to clear the debris yourself or make it a regular maintenance item.

Or if this is too much of a headache for you, trade the car for something else. It is just a car. Life is too short to drive cars that give you headaches.

Good Luck.


Any way you could add some window screening to keep debris out of that area?

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Thank you - I was thinking the same. A screening and having the drain cleared regularly are solutions. Since my car has already flooded twice I am wondering the probability of something catastrophic and irreversible happening solely from this, assuming I can successfully prevent it from happening again.

It is not uncommon for the HVAC drain to clog on many makes.
Screen will help.
But locate your AC drain an learn how to clean it. Mine required cleaning every 1-2 years, live oak leaves would get in there.
Not unique to Nissans.


I don’t think this problem will lead to anything “catastrophic”. Worst thing is the mold and other issues might stink or become annoying, but I wouldn’t use “catastrophic” by any stretch.

I agree with everyone else. Learn how to clean the drain yourself, or get rid of the car. It’s that simple.

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Before we all assume it is the AC drain, I need @BGH50 to come back and tell us whether this only happens after a heavy rain. If so, it may not be the AC drain but the drains that go down between the passenger door and the front fender. This is supposed to drain the cowl but if leaves and debris clogs this up, water could build up and spill into the blower motor compartment.

If it happens after use of the AC on a clear day, then it is the AC drain.

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This is caused by a dirty cowl, not a restricted HVAC drain.

I appreciate the suggestions as to what’s causing the flooding, but it absolutely is not the AC system. The first time this happened both myself and my mechanic thought it was, but was cleared. It only happens after a heavy rain fall as you said - both times.

Nissan Versa Passenger Water Leak - YouTube

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