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Nissan build quality

A lady who works in my Bank had her husband buy her a Rogue. She really likes it and with the low miles she drives will enjoy it for quite a number of years. Nobody here is saying the Rogue is a piece of junk; it just does no have the genes of an equivalent Toyota or Honda. Or Mazda for that matter.

That’s not true. Just look at the Kia or Hyundai offerings today compared to so many years ago.
There are many examples of rising stars as well as setting suns…

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Kia and Hyundai didn’t have an established culture to change. GM an Ford have been around for 100 years. Their culture is very well established.

My point exactly. You made a blanket statement but it really only applies to a small subset of manufacturers…

I did no such thing. We were talking about ONE corporation (Nissan). I said you can make a decision on their current quality based on their past record. I wasn’t making a statement on any other company.

I did no such thing. We were talking about ONE corporation (Nissan).

Companies is not singular…

We were talking about ONE corporation (Nissan). I said you can make a decision on their current quality based on their past record. I wasn’t making a statement on any other company

Then why did you mention GM and Ford in response to my prior comment?

I was using it as a comparison rebuttal to you saying that you.

As someone who tends to overthink and obsess about details when car buying, I still suggest that if a vehicle suits your needs and is within budget, then get the one that is most comfortable and pleasing to drive for whomever will be its primary driver.

And whichever is the most comfortable for your wife is apt to be safest for her in the long run because a car one finds comfortable to drive is easier to safely maneuver in traffic.

As a woman driver, that’s my two cents for what it may be worth.

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There won’t be just one vehicle that meets that criteria. You should be able to find many vehicles that are comfortable to drive.

It’s extremely rare to find one that’s uncomfortable to drive.

My SIL had a Maxima, early 2000s, and she put many, many Kilometres on it with nothing but wear-and-tear costs, in a largely gravel road environment, with snow and ice to boot. One BIL had a 2006 or -7 Altima for about 8 years, again with very few expenses. Both cars were nice riding and well-equipped, felt good to ride in and drive.
The Rogue doesn’t turn my crank with its front styling, but when you’re driving it, you can’t see that anyway, so, if your wife likes it, there’s not much of an argument.

People go for a particular car for a variety of reasons. My wife volunteered my services to help a family friend,a a single woman who was about 70 at the time,to help our friend with car shopping. I knew this friend likes the Honda. I don’t care for Hondas as the legroom for the driver is insufficient for me. However, this wasn’t about my preference. This friend thought, from her reading,that she wanted an Accord. I was a little concerned about the CVT transmission in the Accord. After she test drove the Accord, I suggested she try a Civic. After ttying the Civic, she decided it fit her needs better than the Accord. I didn’t mention the CVT transmission in the Accord which I thought might be a problem down the road, but time has proved me wrong. The Civic at that time did not have the CVT. My suggestion is to buy the Rogue if this is what your wife wants.

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I often get asked to recommend a car for prospective buyers. Often they already have a car in mind and want “verification” that this is the right choice. I can’t always be diplomatic if the buyer wants something totally unsuitable for their needs or affordability. Then I advise as diplomatically as possible the drawbacks for that person in buying that particular car. I also give the some idea of maintenance and repair costs of that model compared to the average.

I always advise driving the car first; preferably renting one for the weekend at reduced rates to get a feel for it.

However, mostly people want confirmation of what they already want or THINK they want.

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How tall are you? I’m 6’3 with a 35" inseam and had plenty of room in the Accords we bought. Very comfortable cars.

@MikeInNH. I should have said I don’t find the Honda Civic comfortable for me. I don’t know that I have ever driven an Accord. I did ride in the back seat of the 2013 Accord when I was helping our friend shop for a new car and found the back seat quite comfortable with plenty of legroom. The Civics I have driven were the hybrid models from my institution’s fleet. I didn’t feel like I had enough legroom. I did have a Nissan Sentra for a 600 mile trip to a conference and for me, it was more comfortable for me to drive than the Civic. I will admit to being spoiled by our first minivan-a 1990 Ford Aerostar with the Eddie Bauer package. We found that vehicle mode comfortable than the 1993 Oldsmobile we owned and we used the Aerostar on our vacation trips instead of the Oldsmobile. We don’t own a regular car. We have a Sienna and a 4Runner and we find both quite comfortable for us. The only vehicle besides our own that I have driven recently was a Dodge Caravan (2016) that the insurance company rented for me when my Sienna was in the body shop having a dent removed when I was bumped in a Walmart parking lot–only cosmetic damage but the insurance of the party that hit me insisted on fixing the Sienna right away. I needed the minivan to transport my fellow musicians to a gig, so I was provided with the Dodge Caravan. It was comfortable to drive, although I requested a Duke Ellington Caravan.The rental agent said that the Duke Ellington Caravan had been reserved by a Sophisticated Lady and the best they could do was the Dodge Caravan.

On the subject of Minivans ,was Ford ever taken to task about the horrible failure rate of the V6 engines in those vans? I know a lot of Folks will proudly proclaim no problem at all,but everyone of these thingsyou see setting around here has the same problem and there are quite a few ,I understand that these ridges stress a cooling system ,but really ? ,Even some of the other makes of Minivans were quite trouble prone for various reasons.

Please . . .

You need to specify WHICH Ford vans you’re talking about and WHICH V6 engines you’re talking about

Ford actually had a few different V6 families

I’m no expert, but I know one family had the 2.8, 2.9, and 4.0

Another had the 3.8, 3.9 and 4.2

I’m not sure if the 3.0 liter Vulcan was its own family

I’m aware of the 3.8 liter and the head gaskets, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re referring to

I know that Ford allegedly had problems with the 3.8 liter engines. However, I had a 2000 Windstar with that engine, our son had a 1999 Windstar with that engine and I had a 1998 Taurus with that engine. Our son’s 1999 Windstar had been used commercially for package delivery before he bought it. His brother-in-law is a mechanic and thought the vehicle was in good condition. At about 200,000 miles it needed suspension work, so we sold our 2000 Windstar to him. He drove that to about the same point with no serious problems. I had a 1990 Ford Aerostar that had the 4.0 engine. I bought it used, but it still had factory warranty which was good because it did,m have to have an engine replacement. It had a cracked cylinder head and by the time the Ford dealer found the problem, enough coolant had leaked into the cylinder to score the cylinder wall. Ford replaced the engine. Of the four minivans I have owned, a 1990 Ford Aerostar, a 2000 Ford Windstar, a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander and a 2011 Toyota Sienna, my favorite was the 1990 Aerostar. It was the extended model and rode.on a full frame as it was on a truck chassis. It had more space inside than any minivan I have had since and it was more suitable for towing a trailer.

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Around here both of the Vans Aerostar and Windstar had the same
problems,brothers Aerostar conked out at about halflife ,the sad thing
was these things werent cheap vehicles had engine problems ( because
everyone setting in someones back yard had the same problems) Ford
should be taken to task.,

We had an 03 windstar, 11 years no major engine problems though bad o-rings on the plenum, but 2 former ford van whatever the name, both had head gasket problems.

@Barkydog It seems to me that I had to replace the o-rings on the plenum of my 2000 Windstar. I sold the minivan over 10 years ago. It was an o.k. vehicle. I liked the 2006 Chevrolet Uplander better. I really make use of a minivan, but they aren’t the most exciting vehicles on the road. If you’ve driven one minivan, you’ve driven them all.