Nissan and vdc light

ihave a2008 nissan pathfinder. bot it in oct 2007. for the last 9 months the vdc lite comes on and goes off irregularly at all times day and night. the dealer keeps resetting the steering angle sensor - but that is not a permanent solution. what is up with my car?

If you are relating this information accurately, then you have tolerated the situation for too long a period of time without bringing the Nissan Zone Representative into the situation. Ultimately, the solution should be spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y, but you may want to take more drastic action at this point.

If you have documentation of all of the dealer’s attempts to fix this problem, you may already qualify for a settlement under the Lemon Law in your state. I suggest that you check the details of that statute in your state, and then calmly inform the service department that you intend to invoke your rights under that statute if they do not fix the problem permanently upon their next attempt.

You should definitely involve the Nissan Zone Manager, whose contact information should be contained in your Owner’s Manual. When the Zone Manager is informed that you intend to seek resolution under the terms of the Lemon Law, he/she can probably motivate the dealership to do their job properly.