Run away van


I am in desperate need of a brilliant diagnostician, so I came here? My 2007 Nissan Quest Van has surged 3 times to high rpms (3200 - 5000+) when at a complete stop, but still obviously running. All 3 times happened at either a stop light or stop sign, hence a dangerous situation. I was able to restore normal rpm range by shifting into neutral. The van was thoroughly warmed up, but before coming to the stop was driven relatively slowly, less than 35mph. The other strange thing, all 3 times happened after it was stopped and turned off for 10 to 20 min., then restarted before the short drive. This all happened over a 2 month time period so it is intermittent to the extreme. Nissan,nor anyone else, can find nothing, and they refuse to do anything about the van. We will no longer drive our van for fear of injuring ourselves or someone else, and it sits in our garage with a little over 4000 miles on it. What can cause such an unusual condition and what can be done to pin down the culprit?


You need to go to the NHTSA website and see if there are any similar reports for the '07 (or perhaps even the '06 model) Quest. If there are similar reports, then there is surely a problem affecting more people than just you.

Even if nobody else has reported this defect, you should report it on the NHTSA site. Print your posting (and any other relevant information that you find), request an appointment with the Nissan factory zone representative, and show him/her what you have printed. Tell him/her (politely but forcefully) that you will persist until this is corrected to your satisfaction.

Also–research the “Lemon Law” in your state. Since your vehicle is so new, you are likely to be able to make a claim under this law if you have documentation of the required number of repair attempts. If you are not yet reached the required number of repair attempts for a claim under the Lemon Law, keep taking the van back until you have reached the number of attempts required under your state’s laws, and then make a claim.

Good luck!!


I don’t think that using the lemon law is appropriate. If it is intermittent, then the dealer can’t find it. If they can’t duplicate the problem, they can’t analyze it and make the needed repairs. Just claiming that there is a problem is not enough - it has to be demonstrated. In order to demonstrate it, you have to drive it and make it worse. I know that you don’t want to drive the van, but Nissan can’t help you until they know what the problem is.

Do look into it at NHTSA. Maybe there are other similar complaints as VDCdriver suggested.


3000-5000+ in gear??? Thats kind of hard to believe… The torque converter wont allow that kind of RPM’s in gear unless it is slipping BADLY… Were you standing on the brake pedal??? Idle air control problems??? I have seen cruise control modules go bad and pull on the throttle at a dead stop. Either way it sounds as though you have a safety issue that needs to be found ASAP. Good luck with it and please follow up with us on it.