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2008 town and country minivan

i have a reoccuring problem that my dealer can’t seem to fix. as I drive the van the indicator light on the dash will flash on and off, the wipers will go on and off, the chime will go on and off, the gauges including the speedo and tach go to 0 then return to the correct reading. while all this is going on the power windows won’t work. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?

My First Guess Is A Problem With The BCM (Body Control Module).

No doubt that the dealer has tried retrieving trouble codes from that system, right?
They have checked all electrical connections, inluding cable to battery and ground wires, correct?

I was going to say that it was an instrument cluster problem until I got to the wiper issue, too.

Is the vehicle under warranty?

They should be able to diagnose this recurring problem. If not, I would talk to them about replacing or reprogramming the BCM to see if that fixes everything. Their problem (not solving this) should not become your problem (living with it).

If the dealer “can’t seem to fix” this problem, that would seem to indicate that you have given the dealer multiple opportunities to fix the problem. While I agree with CSA that the body control module is likely to be the source of the problem, I would not tolerate continued failure to resolve the problem.

Hopefully you have saved all of the service invoices detailing your attempts to have this problem fixed. I would suggest that you research the Lemon Law statute for your state ( should be helpful ), and give the dealershiop one more try at fixing the problem. In most states, once the dealer has failed at his third attempt to fix the problem, you can file a claim under the Lemon Law.

However, given Chrysler’s very precarious financial status, if I were you I wouldn’t wait very long before pressing the issue in a legal sense. Assuming that the company survives at all, Chrysler’s next owners (I am betting that it will be Chery motors of China) may not be very easy to deal with, statutes notwithstanding.

You must do exactly what your state statutes say as far as the Lemon Law is concerned. If the dealer cant fix it, you are entitled to another, equivalent vehicle. Your state laws will define what that means for you. Follow VDCDriver’s suggestions to protect yourself.