Nissan altima

Drivind an 02 Buick LeSabre with 220,000 miles. GREAT VEHICKLE!! Been looking at '05 and '06 Altimas on-line and noticed several ads say timing chain has been relaced. Is this a problem with the Altimas?

I would always take any comments about timing chain problems with a grain of salt and would be a bit suspicious of a comparatively low mileage car that has needed a chain replacement.

In the case of the former many chain failures are brought on by the car owners themselves due not changing the oil regularly enough, allowing the oil level to drop too low or even run out of oil temporarily. The chain tensioner is oil pressure operated so lack of oil, oil sludging due to lack of regular oil changes, etc. is the likely reason behind any chain failures. Of course, the car owners always swear it’s been “well maintained”, whether they’re flat lying or honestly believe it.

In the case of a car that has needed a chain replacement I believe I’d look elsewhere because gambling odds are that the engine has some other prematurely worn things due to neglect.

With regular oil changes (not necessarily meaning every 5k miles either) and not allowing the oil level to drop, etc. the chain should last the life of the car.

Cowboy, There Was A Little Problem With Timing Chains On Some Altimas.

Some 2004, 2005, 2006 Altimas (L31, with the VQ35 engine only) had timing chains that developed a buzzing / whining noise coming from the secondary timing chain / camshaft sprocket areas.

The fix was to replace both secondary chains and both the right and left tensioners. I’m guessing that the new parts were revised or updated.

I’m just curious, but if the LaSabre was a “GREAT VEHICLE !”, why are you looking at Asian cars ? I drive a Bonneville, the Pontiac version of a LaSabre.