2005 Nissan Altima

How often or at what intervals do I need to replace the timing belt on my nissan altima v6. I have almost 138,000 on there at this time, I purchased the car with 84,000 so I don’t think it has ever been replaced and do not want to do any damage. Somebody said the 2005 altima has a timing chain so don’t worry about it, but I am a litle worried.

Both the V6 and the 4 cylinder engine in the 2005 Altima have timing chains, not belts, so you don’t need to worry about changing it.

No Offense, But We Should Be Asking You This Question. What Does The Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual / Maintenance Information Say ?

If you have no vehicle documents, get them. Follow them. Usually if a vehicle has a timing chain, there is no mention of a replacement interval in the maintenance schedule like there is if it’s got a timing belt. A chain ordinarily has no required maintenance other than keeping the engine oil changed in a timely manner.

This makes me wonder if there are other maintenance items that you are late on or have neglected. Although it’s good that you are at least thinking about maintaining the vehicle (some owners wait til it dies), it would behoove you to take a more active role in vehicle ownership. My recommendation is to get the Nissan maintenance schedule and follow it.

If you need help obtaining Owner’s Manuals / maintenance information, many who frequent this site can offer suggestions for getting it.


Nissan owners manuals:

Well, let me be another person who tells you that the 2005 Altima has a timing chain, and you don’t need to worry about it.


And, let me be another person who suggests that you try reading the maintenance schedule that came with the car.

Do you notice that Nissan’s maintenance schedule does not list replacement of the timing belt at any mileage interval? That is because it doesn’t have a timing belt.

Unless you begin to follow the maintenance schedule that came with the car, you may not have many miles left in it, timing belt issue notwithstanding.