Nissan Altima - sudden transmission failure following tire change

I had the transmission replaced. I just got it completed. Car is back in my possession and driving great, albeit at a high cost. I’m glad it’s been resolved.


I appreciate the response. I have no evidence of the store’s liability in any of this, but the timing raised the question. I’m moving on. The transmission has been replaced. But I still need to rotate my tires, which Walmart did not do before all of the transmission drama began. sigh The worst of this is over, at least. (and I’ll go somewhere more reliable for the tire rotation).

If I read this right you bought only 2 new tires . They should have gone on the rear of the vehicle. If so then it might be too soon to rotate the tires.


I came here to offer up my story to receive constructive responses. For the most part, I have. Yes, no need to be “snarky.” If I wanted snark, I’d go to Twitter. I got my answers that I needed days ago. I laid out my story so I could receive helpful responses. I am thankful for those who replied.

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Eight years is eons away when it comes to tech. Did we even seriously consider EV’s eight years ago? I don’t believe so.

Tesla has been building cars for over 20 years.
GM offered an EV in the 1990s.
EVs outnumbered gas cars 2 to 1 in 1901 in the US
The first viable EV was built in 1884, 2 years before Benz built the first gas powered car.
We have been talking about EVs for 140+ years…where ya been?? :grinning:

Yes it was considered . As early as 1912 . General Motors had the EV1 in 1996 .

Other than Costco for installing tires, which has always done a pretty good job, I’ve never had much luck using chain shops for much of anything. Suggest to use your own local independent shop next time.

The only time I have used Walmart is when it was 5:00 and 500 miles from home and they were open. Have to say the did ok but I changed tires anyway not too long after that. 3 inch construction screw.

It’s pretty amazing how tough tires are, given everything they encounter. I found a 1/2 inch drill bit laying in the middle of the road the other day. In Colorado winters the parking lots would have large, really sharp looking, hard pieces of ice, laying about, tires completely unaffected.

Sometimes the tire centers at Walmart can be pretty good, it depends on the manager. Also a Walmart tire center that is very good this week could be much less good next week due to the high turnover. This is the same for all chain tire centers, few of them do any actual training anymore. They are afraid that if they train someone, then that person will leave for more money elsewhere.

New factory trans? Ok, I’ll go 24 months. Then sell car.

12 months, 12,000 miles. Factory warranty.

Yes, I’ve had success at Costco before. We are no longer members largely because the nearest one is a bit of a drive.

Did the 2 new tires go on the rear when you bought them ? That is what is recommended now because of Hydroplaning. As for chain tire stores some can be not as good but many are just fine .

Yes, the new tires are in the rear. I took my car to a tire shop to make sure everything was set to go. I feel like I’m driving a brand new car now. lol

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lol … same thing happens to me w/just a thorough cleaning of the windows inside and out

I discovered something about WalMart Oil and Lube Express. It has been a few years - like 4 or 5 maybe. We typically we do oil changes ourselves at home. But this car, acquired just a few months previous to the experience had a drain plug with rounded off corners. The weather was fantastic - about 15 degrees with snow and ice on the ground. So, I went to the parts store and got a new drain plug, went in to WalMart and asked them to change the oil and put this new plug in the drain. “” We don’t remove drain plugs anymore, they said. “How then do you get the oil out,” I inquired? They stick a suction hose down the dip stick tube No more Wal Mart oil changes for me. That leaves the nastiest, gunkiest sludge to accumulate in the bottom of the pan.

It tells me that problems must happen more frequently than one would imagine. So stuff goes wrong frequently enough to no longer trust the staff to remove a plug and poperly replace it. What could go wrong? Left the plug out, stripped the threads in the pan, didn’t get it tight enough so it drips out later. No more WM oil changes here. And it leaves me wondering how many other quick change joints do something similar?

A lot of dealerships also suck out the oil, rather than draining it

Seems like a pretty slipshod way to change oil, especially with potential warranty coverage on the line. Or, am I just mistaken that this would leave the stuff one would most want out of the crankcase in the bottom of the pan? Maybe it is suspended in the oil if it is driven in and changed while hot.