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2008 Nissan Altima transmission problem?

Car has 185K miles. Drove about 50 miles and car lost acceleration. Got off freeway and hardly had enough power to get to a parking lot. Sounded like slight hining sound coming from engine. After waiting 15 mins started car and it ran fine so I drove home having to pull over periodically after losing acceleration then after sitting awhile I woud get the acceleration back. Check engine light never on during the trip. Nissan dealer says I need a new transmission. I’ve driven the car a few times since on short trips and its driven fine. What are your recommendations? New transmission is $4K.

Nissan dealer has actually seen the car, touched the car and diagnosed a transmission problem. We can do none of this so our answers are likely worse than the dealers’ answer.

If you don’t trust the answer or don’t like the price, take it to an independent auto shop (not AAMCO!) and have them diagnose it and give you an estimate. It pays to shop around.