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Nissan 240sx not starting

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for the help! I don’t know much about cars but I’m trying to learn so thanks again for the help. Here is my case;

I bought an 89 Nissan 240 on December ( cold weather here in Alberta Canada ) and the car ran percect fine. I drove it for about a month month and a half and then I had to go out of town for work, but I didn’t plug the car in, so it sat on the snow for about two weeks. When I come back I charge the battery and they to start it but it just won’t start. It fires and tries to start hut it just wont do. I checked the starter and the sparkers and even changed ( someone suggested this ) the fuel filter. Could the engine just be dirty or cab something else be the problem?

There are countless possibilities with this one. A weak battery, ice in the carb, ice in the fuel line, a frozen accelerator pump, a frozen choke, moisture or ice in the ignition system…

Sorry, but his needs looking at by someone who already knows carbs and ignition systems.

Thank you very much for your reply, so then it is possible that the weather could have affected the engine and ice could have screwed things up a little. Do you think it will be costly to send the car to a shop for a " clean up"? Is that a possible solution to my problem or you think Te weather could have actually damaged something?

It shouldn’t be that costly. It’s pretty easy to check the carburator out, check the fuel supply, check the battery, and check the ignition system. None of these things are “heavy lifting”…as long as the tech is conversant in carburators.

The only thing that might drive the cost up is if it ends up needing a rebuilt carb or something of that sort. It is, after all, 22 years old.