Car wont start without starter fluid, and stalls when put in neutral in high speeds

My 1993 240sx is rb25det neo swapped, turbocharged 800cc injecters upgraded fuel pump, quick spool turbo running 18psi.
The issue is that it does not start withour starter fluid, and when going at high speeds and set into neutral it will stall unless i keep pushing the throttle a bit.
Anyone have any recommendations on how to find or fix the issue.

There may be a problem with the cold start injector.


What ECU are you using?
What data collection tools can be used with it?
What throttle body is in the car?
Drive by wire? Or cable actuated?

I’d need one for a r34 gtt, because it is rb25 neo swapped

Sounds like a fun ride, you making about 400 to 450HP?? in a 2900 pound car…

Has your tuner taken a look at it??

Nah havent gotten a tuner to look into it, previous one went to tennessee so im looking, its about 470hp at 2700lb’s.

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Stock internals??

Dang that is a pretty good power to weight ratio, up there with a HELLCAT REDEYE if you can get it to dig…lol

Still think your best bet is a tuner, assuming you have a custom tune already and it just needs to be dialed in… Has it been stalling and not starting since the swap or is this something new?? And will it start with you opening the throttle a little since you have to keep your foot in it to keep it from stalling??

Are you running E85??

Its been like this for awhile now, something new, i starts if i use some start fluid, runs fine, but itll randomly just stall while moving when put in neutral. Its defintelt getting enough air to start, i think the issue is maybe tune like you said and also the fuel system, i just wouldnt know what to check for the fuel system

Sounds like it is not holding residual fuel pressure, try priming it longer or doing the key dance depending on your setup…
How long does it have to be off after running before you have to use starter fluid??

A good tuner will be able to read everything and make adjustments as needed… With that much boost, probably need a good dyno tuner…

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Is your tune for gas or e85? It was starting ok and now won’t start. Something changed.
What is IAT from scan tool?

30 year old car with significant aftermarket “upgrades” and tunes.

Good luck, friend.


Tuned on 93

Didn’t even attempt to answer my questions. The OP has no ability to fix this problem. Needs to find a performance shop familiar with the car and its mods. The OP should bring money, lots of money.

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Mad as hell for no reason, lame ah hell bruh
I asked for help not a list of questions, rather get help from someone with experience with an rb25 than some mustangman, i aint even see ur comment in the first place

Its 93 tune, i have not scanned it yet

You did not describe your car nearly enough to get any reasonable help. If all you want is “help”…

Do this


I own similar vintage originally equipped Corolla. If it cranked robustly but wouldn’t start when cold, but would start warm or cold w/starter spray, my first check would be to make sure the cold start injector was being powered up during cranking. After that – assuming all the routine maintenance was up to date – time to check for spark at a spark plug. Spark ok, but still a crank but won’t start? Next up, measure fuel rail pressure.

The stalling is probably a different issue, possibly the idle rpm is set too low (if manually adjustable), or the idle air control function isn’t working.

Also try holding the accel pedal all the way to the floor when it won’t start. If it starts then, the mixture is too rich. May have a leaking injector.

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George, this car is an engine swapped non original car. Was it a good swap? A proper job? Or a bunch of kluges? We have no idea.

Yes, I understand the configuration change. Just saying what I’d do if I had that problem is all. Not claiming it will help OP’s problem.

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OP has to use starter fluid to start the car, that normally means it is not flooded, because he is adding even more fuel… And since we have asked questions that have not been answered yet, it is hard to know what is going on…

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