Nissan 2006 GLE

My son has a 2000 Maxima GLE and ever since it was purchased it has been a nightmare! I can’t tell you how many O2 sensors have been replaced. Last summer the transmission was replaced and he drove it 400 miles from Wilmington, DE back to school at VA Tech. Upon arriving in Blacksburg the car started sputtering and would not accelerate. He was able to pull over to a safe spot and turned the car off. After 20 minutes the car finally started and he was able to safely get to the campus. However, the Maxima was not reliable and I spent my stimulus check to have it returned to Delaware to have the transmission checked out. The transmission garage found nothing wrong with it and could not figure out what was wrong. My question is, could this be a computer problem? The car has been in Delaware ever since this occurred and has had no problems. I am concerned about letting him drive it back to school. Is it a long distance problem? My son will be coming home next month and needs to have a reliable car for transportation to and from a (hopefully paying) summer job.