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New way to catch distracted drivers

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has a new way to catch distracted drivers, they put an officer with a radio in a city bus. He gets a birds-eye view of other drivers and calls in the patrol cars.

A lot of states are having a highway patrolman riding along with local semi truck drivers also.

Ask me how I know, You think you get nervous with a patrolman driving behind you, try having one ride in the truck with you.

The real good thing about it was he made a great witness when a car cut me off and did a brake check in front of me and I rear ended him.


Who says there’s never a cop around when you need one?

Chased any perps yet?

Speaking of “there’s never police enforcement when you need it”, over this past Veterans Day weekend I was walking on the sidewalk at a 3 way intersection, stop signs in all directions, when a cyclist rides right through about 20 mph without even slowing down at all. Lo and behold, there’s a police cruiser just arriving at one of the stop signs at the same time. Blaring sirens ensued, cyclist pulled over, and proof there’s always an exception to any rule. Just so as to not get overly optimistic, about 10 minutes later into the walk, I see another cyclist riding on a very busy 6 lane street one handed, while looking at his cell phone messages … sigh …

Strangely enough, illegal in Florida for bicycles as well as cars.

Some cities now have laws against distracted walking. Watching video of people distracted by their phones falling into sidewalk service entrances or over repair barricades into holes is entertaining but I see fools walking into the road doing the same, expecting everyone else to watch out for them. You fall into a hole because you’re not paying attention I find mildly amusing. You step in front of my car for the same reason and then sue me, not so much…