The persistence of distracted driving

On March 6, Royal Canadian Mounted Police participating in an awareness campaign set up several large electronic signs in North Vancouver, British Columbia, that warned drivers: “POLICE AHEAD – STAY OFF YOUR PHONE.” Despite that, within just two hours, officers ticketed 89 drivers, 74 of them for distracted driving, which results in a $368 fine, plus a $175 penalty payment on a first offense. “It is evident there is still more education and enforcement needed to make our roads safer,” remarked Cpl. Richard De Jong to CTV News.

I’ve seen many, many, many drivers in a lane that will close in 2500 ft, 1500 ft, 1000 ft, 500 ft, 50 ft drive RIGHT UP to the cones blocking the lane and hit the brakes because of the cones and THEN look in their mirror to see if its clear to enter the next lane at half the lane speed.

With no phone in their hands and no one else in the vehicle to talk to. Distracted (and clueless) driving pre-dates cell phones.

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I often smile when I see those electronic signs flashing a long message as I go by at 70 mph. Trying to read the dang things is a clear distraction to me.

And many, many, many, who never bother to look in their mirrors. :grin:


I see something similar and far more often. Someone in the right lane approaches a slower car in the same lane while cars in the left lane pass that slower car. The right lane speedster barrels ahead and only slows when he is very close to the slower driver in front. It’s as if he didn’t see the car in front of him.


Yep, Amber/Silver alerts on interstate signs, impossible to read.

I guess it depends how it’s posted. In MD, the alerts are on huge overhead lighted signs. The sign is three lanes wide.

I95 in FL. Signs are same size as exit signs.
Very few of them. Our county has about 70 miles of I95 and there is only one sign.

You cannot counter stupidity with bigger signs. And all of what we’re describing is stupidity. Many drivers don’t think, don’t plan ahead, don’t pay attention (includes distracted driving), and/or don’t anticipate. In my mind that all falls under the heading of stupidity.

By the way, I include under that heading the morons who drive with their dogs on their laps. I see too many of them.