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Too big a problem to just ignore. Please share the link to this video with everyone you know, and especially your kids!


This is a very powerful & sad video that I hope will have an effect on people!

Excellent documentary, and by a major cellular carrier as well. Very powerful.

Thanks, Mark. I think every driver should watch this!

Wonder if Car Talk would post this video or a link to it on their home page?

Thanks, I just showed it to my 17 yr. old son who just got his learners permit.

I notice that there are a lot of people talking with the actual handset rather than going hands-free. It’s all kinds of drivers from vans to people carriers. It’s now illegal here in the UK but there are so few Traffic cops about no one pays attention to the law.

A law won’t solve the problem, but it is another tool to fight it with!

Thankfully, both my cars have a built-in bluetooth handsfree system. I make sure to program both cars into my and wife’s cell phone. Will do same for dughter’s first car in 3.5 (yikes!) years. Can’t stop em from talking, but can make it safER

Maybe in 3.5 years they will have invented a safer way to communicate while driving!

Great idea!