Note to Parents for Teens Driving

Just to reiterate a safety situation. One of my friends children (teenager) was driving a sports car around town and basically ran into a parked truck on the side of the road. Long story short, they was texting and looked up while going at least 50 MPH and hit the parked vehicle dead on. The car was totalled. The person driving was basically unhurt. This is just a reminder of a problem with driving and using a cell phone (kids and adults alike). So, we all need to think twice before doing this activity while driving. This occurred on a lightly travelled country road in Kentucky. Imagine if it was during rush hour on a major highway. Others would suffer an accident that can be avoided. thanks

This is getting to be a big problem…Cell-phones are bad enough but todays cars are full of built-in distractions (GPS, DVD players) that contribute to accidents.

Send them to school, buy them books, all they do is eat the covers…

Texting and driving was just made illegal here in VA. I hope other states follow suit. Here’s the catch: every time I see a cop driving around, he or she is gabbing on cell phone. Do as I say - not as I do. They’re not texting, but still…dialing while driving, hell, you may as well be texting.

This is one of the articles in the current Car and Driver - texting is much more dangerous than drunken driving.

There was an article awhile back where this woman, who was like 50 years old, hit the end car that was in a line of cars in a construction zone. She was texting and driving, hit the car hard enough to cause a fire and killed atleast one of the occupants in the car in front of her. She went to jail and is fighting it, saying it wasn’t her fault.

Link to a an article about it:

And driving while sleep deprived causes the same degrading in function that driving drunk does. The impaired operator has many ways to become impaired,the only way I have come up with to effectivly deal with the situation is to severly limit the time I am on the road. I know this “fix” will not work for most but I can only handle my own situation,I don’t have the power to influence others.