New tires

I own a 2003 Cadillac DeVille that I bought used 3 years ago that had Toyo tires. There is about 50 to 60 percent tread left and I want to buy new tires as I plan my yearly trip to Arizona for the winter. I like the Cooper CS4 touring tires and can get them at a fairly good price on the MO border; they will give me $100 for my Toyo tires and I can get a $50 rebate. I have read a lot of pros and cons and most have been favorable reviews.

Is this a good tire for my 2003 Cadillac?

Toyo what? they make more than one tire. Check for consumer ratings and tests by tirerack. I have Yokohama Avid ENVigors on my Accord and they are excellent tires. It appears that they are available for your Caddy too. Tire Rack doesn’t rate Cooper for your car at all, but that doesn’t mean they are bad tires - just that they don’t sell them.

Why must you buy new tires? The Toyo’s have plenty of life left and are decent tires…What do you hope to gain?

In new tires I’d take Toyo over Cooper any day. At 50-60% tread depth the Toyo tires would likely perform as well or better than the new Coopers. If the Toyo tires are running smoothly, why bother with new tires and possible problems?

It’s your money, but I’d stick with the Toyo tires and save some money for holiday gift shopping.

How far from the wear bars are they ? 50 to 60 percent of the tread left from absolutely bald may not be what the manufacturer had in mind. IMO, it’s tread depth relative to the design and use you’re going to give it. If they are all season tires and you are going to use them for winter travel in deeper snow, they may be useless. If you drive frequently in winter rains, that may be a good reason to rely more on test results and wear bars then actual tread depth. A moderate fair weather driver can get away with minimal tread that barely passes inspection. A trip taker cannot pick and choose travel days and may have to err on newer tires.
Score more reviews on the Coopers and make a decision from there.

Your tires have a lot of life left, especially for driving in AZ. I wish my tires had 50-60% of the tread left, I’d consider that almost new.